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    You love magic? You love fantasy worlds, far-away places and things beyond your wildest imagination? Characters that make you laugh a lot and cry a bit (and maybe swoon just enough)?

      So do I. And I’ll take you there if you allow me.

      Keep your mind open, your heart ready and follow me. 

Remnants of Souls [Book 2 of Remnants series]
18 chapters 59%
Gift of Darkness [Book 2 of The Forbidden Blood series]
3 chapters 8%
The Time Guardian 2: The Betrayer
29 chapters 95%
The Five Races
5 chapters 15%
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The Forbidden Blood Series

Some are born heroes. Some are turned into ones.

The Remnants Series

They used to call us Gods. Now they call us monsters.

The Time Guardian Series

Saving people is easy. The problem is not everybody wants to be saved.


Hear from my readers!

This. Is. Awesome! I feel like I am right there where it happened. The characters are lifelike and they do sound like a few people I know. One thing you should work on is explaining well, everything. Apart from that, good job!
@baneberries about 'Rise of Heroes'
Wattpad Reader
Not many people can write action well. It's actually very tough to write action, horror and humour. But you did it! It was really cool. The pace of the story is also balanced. Sometime people add too much detail or miss out on adding stuff like myself xD but you know what you're doing. THE KING! OMG...good work 😀
@floebits about 'Rise of Heroes'
Wattpad Reader
Oh, now I remember why I liked the story in the beginning. There is something about your writing that attracts me to the story-it is sharp and to the point, just love it. And I am not sure, but i think it is gotten even better than in first book. The whole atmosphere you created with this first chapter was brilliant. I almost fell as if I was there, in William's head, and even though I still don't like him, there is something about this guy and the way he speaks/thinks that draws me to him. Oh, I have so many crazy guesses how things will turn out. Like is he going to obsess over Ana's return as with the other girl? Is it going to be his driving force through the story? Like he becomes one of those dark heroes, who somehow mess it all up before doing it right? (Just ignore me, you know my passion for such gloomy guys 😊).
@radost1234 about 'Remnants of Souls'
Wattpad Reader
I love Anabel! And your style of writing too! The low naturally weaved with the story, and I could feel Ana's emotions. What struck me was the deep chemistry Ana shared with the new guy, and it almost made me sigh (like a fangirl :P). I love Ana's preference to help life as compared to sticking to the rules as well! And those memories that attacked her brain. There is so much meaning in every single memory. Great work!
@MadhavaPriyaa about 'Remnants of Gods'
Wattpad Reader

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