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    You love magic? You love fantasy worlds, far-away places and things beyond your wildest imagination? Characters that make you laugh a lot and cry a bit (and maybe swoon just enough)?

      So do I. And I’ll take you there if you allow me.

      Keep your mind open, your heart ready and follow me. 

Remnants of Souls [Book 2 of Remnants series]
18 chapters 59%
Gift of Darkness [Book 2 of The Forbidden Blood series]
3 chapters 8%
The Betrayer [Book 2 of the Time Guardian Series]
29 chapters 95%
The Destroyer [Book 3 of The Time Guardian Series]
2 chapters 13%
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The Forbidden Blood Series

Some are born heroes. Some are turned into ones.

The Remnants Series

They used to call us Gods. Now they call us monsters.

The Time Guardian Series

Saving people is easy. The problem is not everybody wants to be saved.

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