Hi, I'm Joana.


What i do

Freelance writing

You need a post for your blog or an article for your magazine? I'm your gal. I love writing and I love learning new things so give me a topic and watch me do my magic. I am happy to do ghostwriting and fiction writing as well.

Editing & Proofreading

You need your work revised or checked for errors? Say no more. I'll be happy to proofread or check for any grammar or punctuation mistakes, no matter the length. I can edit articles, short stories as well as full-length novels.


You need a text translated from English to Bulgarian or vice versa? No problem. I am fluent in both languages and I have years of practice working and communicating in both. I can do Literary, Technical, Commercial, Administrative as well as Script and Website Translation.

Web Design & Development

Having a website today is not cool, it's necessary. If you have a business, looking to become a freelancer or you simply have something to say - you need a platform. I'll be happy to help you set it all up and bring your vision to life.

Why pick me?

Bachelor Degree in Applied Linguistics with English

I've studied English for the past 20 years and I have been practicing it and working with it for the past 10 years. I have a perfect command of both written and spoken English, an excellent understanding of the language itself, and long years of practice in creative writing as well as translating Bulgarian<=>English texts.

Writing Experience

I have been writing for the past 15 years and I have completed 5 full-length novels and numerous short stories. For the past year alone, I have written over 200 articles for several different online platforms. I have also done several beta-reading requests, worked as a proofreader, and edited a number of short and long works.

Website Development

Having worked for a Hosting company for over 4 years, I have the knowledge and experience to set up and work with a hosting account, as well as install, design, and manage WordPress websites. I also have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery.



You want to see what to expect of me? Check out some of my work below!


Content writing


Content Writing


Website Development