Facts about me:

Book Worm

I like to read a lot. Everything. Anything. Give me a good story and leave me alone.

Sarcasm Overuser

I know they say 'Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit' but I can't help myself. I find it hilarious and it comes to me as naturally as breathing.

Animal Lover

I love animals(unless they are bugs and they can crawl/fly - sorry guys). I have a cat called Puffi and I am working my way into convincing my husband we desperately need a dog.

Film Junkie

I watch TV shows obsessively. If I show you my list of shows I've watched, watching and will watch you'll probably run away.

Aspiring writer

I am a writer. Always have been, always will be. Even when I'm not writing 😀

Secret Romantic

I know, I know. How could I? The truth is that I don't like reading romance books but I am a big sucker for a blood-racing romantic subplot. I firmly believe that almost every book should have a romantic element(even if the story does not resolve around it).

About my writing

 I’ve always been a storyteller.

   Even before I learned to read and write – I was always the one to think of a game for us children in the neighborhood, the one making up action or horror stories to tell in a circle before our parents shouted through the window to get us home for dinner.

     My passion for writing came to life in fifth grade during an English assignment where our teacher asked us to write an original story. So I did and it was about me and my classmates on a field trip where we stumbled upon some magical creatures, fought goblins and crashed the school bus. Unfortunately, I got a C in English but my teacher was so impressed by my idea that she asked me to write it in Bulgarian (my mother tongue) so she can understand it better…

More about my life

I finished a new book

    I have three books finished so far – ‘Remnants of Gods‘ which is part of a trilogy, ‘Rise of Heroes‘ which is part of epic fantasy saga (not sure about the exact number of books I’ll write) and the final one that started out as collaboration is called ‘Mercenary of Death‘. 

My newest writing obsession is called 'The Time Guardian'

It is a brand new story that I started few months back. Like most stories I had a flying start and wrote something like 18 chapters in a week or two and then the excitement died down and I am trying to find it again so I can finish it. I love this story, I love the humor and the craziness and the magic. 

i am finishing my 2018 book list

If you have been following my blog then you know that in the beginning of 2018 I made a list with all of the books I have at home and I have never read. By the time you’re reading this I hope I have finished most of them. It’s quite a lot, over 100 books, so let’s see if I’m going to make it! 

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