Augustus Ayers: Project Rebel [Augustus Ayers Chronicles #1]

 Augustus Ayers is a school you can’t get in unless you’re special. Strange. Singular. Maybe even a little dangerous.

      Or at least that what the world thinks.

     Augustus Ayers is a mystery wrapped in a mystery – a private school that accepts students in all ages, any time of the year. A school nobody has access to, located way out of the city in the middle of nowhere.

    For Alexandra Anderson Augustus Ayers is a place she wants nothing to do with. A past she left behind, or so she thought. Five years after she left Augustus Ayers and everything it represents, Alex is happy with her simple life in New York City. Quiet, uncomplicated and normal life where her biggest problem are Zoey’s childish shenanigans. 

   But what Alex needs and wants becomes irrelevant when she realizes they are being followed. Forced to face her conflicting feelings and her overwhelming urge to send them to hell and get out of that place, Alex is yet again placed into a delicate situation. From one side she has her legacy, her unbreakable bond with the damned Augustus Ayers and the work they do; on the other side there is the Opposition, who wants to use her and her powers to change the world they know, break all the rules that bind them.

    It’s time for Alexandra Anderson to come home. It’s time to go back again.

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