Where Dead Things Hide

     Life is a weird thing.   

     There are times when you feel like you’re in a standstill, waiting for something to happen. And sometimes it does. But sometimes it doesn’t and you stay forever in that limbo where things are blurry and gray and irrelevant.

    That’s how Violet felt as they drove to her new foster family.

     But things start to get hazy as times goes by. Objects move in the big, gloomy house. Voices whisper. Dreams haunt her. Invisible monsters stalk her shadow.

     As Violet is doing her best not to go crazy, she meets Oliver – a boy in her class that starts showing a sudden interest in her. 

     But Oliver has a dark secret, just like anyone else in Darkwell. And his secret involves Violet and her new family. A secret she is not ready to believe, a secret that would shatter her world and everything she knew of her family – both the new and the old one.

    Can Violet handle the truth? Can she overcome her fears and her anger to be able to get revenge on the ones that destroyed her happiness? Or will she undoubtedly become one of them losing her soul in the process?

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