Descendant of the Sun

Three thousand years passed since the day they left Earth to live among the stars. The Eraynia station was created for the few chosen to continue the human race away from limitations of Earth and into the vast endlessness of space.

While Eraynia advanced over time the human race degraded quickly. Fewer and fewer women were able to bear children and the Empire’s numbers decimated decade after decade. The Empress issued a decree that every woman with childbearing potential is thereafter property of the crown and they were to be sent in medical facilities to be studied and bred. Most of those girls were taken from the few settlements on Earth never to be seen again.

Aria and her sister Ariana were two of those girls. On the night when the Eraynian soldiers came to claim them they both knew the stars foretold only one of them would be rescued.

A group of rebels which was passing by witnesses what is happening. Eager to prove himself and led forward by his desire to save the girls, Orion breaks his orders and rushes to save them.

Would Aria be able to follow her destined path and accept the trials and misfortunes that were inevitably coming? Would she be strong enough to do what must be done? Would she be able to forget about her sister who is now suffering the horror that would have been hers, all in the name of fulfilling her purpose? And most of all, what would happen with her mission when she realizes that she is not the only one with a destiny, when the person who is fated to stop her is the same one she hopes to save her?

They are written in the stars. Their destiny is to destroy the world.

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