Once Upon a time

   Well, hello there! 

   This blog has been long time coming project but I never got around to actually finishing it. Glad that this is out of the way!

   Before we go on to more interesting things I would like to put the spotlight on my slightly narcissistic self (kidding, I think *confused emoji* ) and say a few things about myself since we’re already getting all nice and friendly. And for you to decide if there is any point in reading what I have to say, obviously.

   I am a twenty-something (I’ve reached the point where I skip telling my age)-year-old woman who lives with her awesome huasband and disturbingly cuddly cat and we’re super happy.

   I currently work for an amazing hosting company called SiteGround and help people develop/fix issues on their blogs and websites (note the irony). In my free time I am binge-watching all the TV shows you can and can’t think of, trying to catch up with reading the books in my overflowing library(and failing) while working on multiple writing projects which hopefully you’ve heard of or will hear in the future.

   My plans for this blog are, apart from ranting for the few people that would pretend to read it, to give some advise on writing and story developing and gain some support in my own endeavors. I’ve been writing for so long that I feel that if not professional advice, I can definitely help with tricks for character/setting development as well as some self-motivating techniques that we all need to know. Procrastination and writer’s block are my constant companions so you bet I know how to greet them and send them on their way (or I’ve convinced myself I can).

   I plan to start doing book reviews and keep updating my own books so if you’re interested – go ahead and check them out. I hope you join me and enjoy yourself!

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