Remnants of Gods [Remnants Series #1]

Remnants of Gods Book Cover

    A few years ago the humans considered us fantasy, science fiction. They were wrong. We have been here just as long as they have, we have left traces of our abilities even though we have never uncovered our true nature until now. 

    They used to call us Gods. Now they call us demons, monsters, abominations. But we are done hiding and we’re done playing by their rules. Change is coming.

    Annabel had never been good at being a normal. She had always wanted to be somebody who matters, somebody who can make a difference in the world. And the opportunity knocked on her door as she joined the Order, a group of individuals with extraordinary abilities who had sworn to put an end to the pursuit of others like them, to create a new world which would allow the inhumans to live as they wish. Even if that means destroying the old one.

   But what Annabel is not prepared for is meeting William Larson and getting pulled into a cruel game of power, lies and betrayal. Torn between her feelings and her morals she is facing an impossible choice. 
The thin line between good and bad, right and wrong quickly blurs to a point that she could no longer tell them apart. As it seems, staying on the right path is hard when you can’t see anything in the darkness.

Working on Remnants of Gods

   Working on this book was pure magic. It was my first NaNoWriMo win, just a bit over 50.000 words. Now it’s all done at 92,000 and I’m more than happy with how the story turned out. Editing it hard but I don’t remember having so much fun writing another story.

   My favorite thing was when it all came together. At some point of the story I had all those cool scenes and characters but took a single idea to tie it all together and when this happened. I cried. And mind you, I don’t cry often. It is just such a special feeling finishing a story, putting the final stroke on the metaphorical canvas and taken a step back to enjoy your masterpiece. <3

   My favorite scene to write was when they went to Annabel’s apartment. I don’t know what it was about it but I was so eager to write it down I had an ocean of typos from the speed of my typing. We finally got to see a more vulnerable side of William, which was honestly hard to write, and Annabel finally felt like she belonged. I don’t know, I wish you could have been in my head – it was awesome 😀

Favorite Quotes:

“There was something off about him, a bitter-sweet harshness that shone through his cold blue eyes. And he was so determined to become a member soon that she was afraid how far he was willing to go to make it happen.”

“His heartbeat quickened as she threw her shirt aside, leaning towards him again and crashing her lips against his. He pulled her closer, tracing ever curve of her body all the way up to her neck with needy fingers. Her skin felt smooth and hot under his touch, her chest rising and falling rapidly from excitement. William found himself breathing heavily between the kisses, his body begging him to proceed kindling the fire she started.”

“He didn’t reply again, crouching and lifting her skirts. She was just about or curse him, burning his hands down to a crisp when he rose swiftly, pressing himself against her, his lips finding hers. She was so stunned that she froze, just standing still as his hands pulled her closer. That was when the door opened and two armed men stepped inside, followed by another man in a fancy tailored suit.”

“But you killed them anyway.” Anna said before she could stop herself. She met his eyes then.

“Yes, I did, because somebody had to,” he replied, “because I didn’t want another soul to turn into a killer under Damien’s guidance. I know what I’ve done but I don’t see a reason for you to turn into the despicable monster you think I am.”

“You need to talk to her.” She said. “Not to tell her what you want or need, not to tell her she needs to be useful and that the information she has is crucial to our plan. You need to talk to her, make her understand you.”

“And what if she doesn’t?” He asked, crossing his arms. “What do we do then? She knows we can’t torture it out of her. And it would take us ages to find what she had already found. We…” When he turned to look at her he found her smiling. Confused, he frowned.

“What’s so funny?”

“You keep saying ‘we’ like I am going to help you.” She laughed.

“When it all began I had two goals. Bring Ariana back and take control over the Order before Damien destroys everything she fought so hard for.” His eyes stared at her and at the same time he seemed so distant, as if he was reliving those moments in front of her very eyes. “I wanted to be able to bring her back more than I wanted to keep breathing. She was everything I ever wanted and she loved me back, a man that only brought death and suffering to those around him.” He paused to get a grip back on himself and Annabel realized she had never seen him so vulnerable.”

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