Remnants of Souls[Remnants Series #2]

Annabel is dead.

   William is doing everything in his power to bring her back. To succeed he needs to find the Asi sword, an artifact so powerful and old that it’s rumored to even be able to can create a tear through dimensions.

   But bringing her from the dead is not his biggest problem. 

   On one side there is Damien, weakened but determined to get back what is rightfully his. He uses any opportunity to wreck havoc and destroy any chance peaceful resolution on their conflict with the humans.

   On the other side, the human forces are growing more powerful and coordinated, creating weapons and gear that not only could oppose their powers but hurt them too. And ever since Senator Bradbury’s death William is number one on their most wanted list.

   Dead, rather than alive.

Working on Remnants of Souls

   Working on a second book of a series is great! … said no man ever. You’ll think that now that you know the main characters well and you know your villain and what they want and don’t want it would all be easy. Well, it isn’t.

   My characters keep changing their minds, switching sides and well, dying, so I’m always like ‘Oh, so we’re doing this today I guess. Cool, cool.’

   And don’t get me started on the pressure to make this book better, bigger, shinier. It’s ON 😀 

 It’s not all bad though. I started working on Remnants of Souls right after finishing Remnants of Gods and everything was still fresh and neat in my head. I even got a few beta readers commenting(on the first book) and I was super excited since most of them really liked it. So naturally I wrote fifteen chapters in a week and even wrote a loose plot line. But somewhere along the way I lost the spark and I’m hoping that now, while I revise book 1, the spark will come back and I’ll finish Remnants of Souls before the end of 2018. 

   I have Book 3 to write so no time to waste 😀 

   This book is about choices and sacrifices we are willing to make for the things we want, for the ones we love, or the good of the world. It also has more magic, fantastic new places(like The Other Side) and new beings that will make all of this mess even more complicated.

Favorite Quotes:

“The room was dark and covered with dust and spiderwebs as if nobody had visited it in decades, sinister shadows moving in the corners and crawling on the ceiling like predators sensing a prey. There was no light to cause the shadows, he noticed.”

You can’t spend another decade trying to save Annabel. For good or for worse, she is gone. If love is what you want, I’ll give you all the love you’ll ever need. But we cannot, we must not open that gate again.”

“What?” She asked at the sight of Marcus’ expression.
“Love is stupid.” Marcus grunted then turned and walked away from them.
“Amen to that.” Heidi sighed, shaking her head.”

“William froze, his eyes darting towards the exposed part of the tree. At first there was nothing – black trees, growing from parched dirt. And the light that wasn’t a light illuminated everything just enough to put your imagination at work and create monsters that weren’t there.
Or maybe they were.”

“Is she a zombie or something?” Jordan continued, moving away from her as if she was going to open her eyes and bite his head off.
“I don’t know. I haven’t saved anyone from The Other Side before, idiot.” William snapped, getting to his feet.”


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