Rise of Heroes [The Forbidden Blood Series #1]

  Some are born heroes. Some are turned into ones.

     Jaden had only known war and sacrifice throughout his life. Being the heir to a kingdom that is falling apart he had never seen any other fate but to fight and die for his people. But when the enemy he faces seems to have come from one’s worst nightmare, when he knows that they don’t stand a chance against such malevolent, brutal force Jaden needs to make the most difficult choice – run and save himself or stay and die.

      His unshakable resolve falters when he meets the girl from his visions. As his future wife-to-be and her sister arrive in Roder for a rushed wedding, Jaden finds himself at a crossroad. He is torn between duty and love, forced to choose between what is best for his kingdom and what is best for his heart.

    He is betrayed by his own flesh and blood in the midst of the most crucial moment of their lives. With the darkness stretching its deadly claws further, the magic is waking up.

      The time for reckoning has come. The Third Shadow War is starting.

Working on Rise of Heroes

   This was my first and my most favorite project. I grew up with epic fantasy and it was only natural that my soul found the need to create a whole new world, a whole new life of its own. I’m only afraid of being overwhelmed since I have so many details in my head, so many ideas and characters that I’m afraid if I let go even for moment it will all fall apart 😀

   It’s funny that I first wrote a scene about a little boy (Jamie) being told a bed-time story when demons attack his house. That didn’t take me anywhere and I had no idea what the story will be about. I just had a place, an idea, a character. So I wrote it down and got stuck. I came back to it a year later after a burst of inspiration. I changed the main character, I changed the idea and changed the scene. And it felt right. I remember writing 100K words in about a week, I was so excited.

    This is probably the longest story I have and I will ever have but I HAVE to tell it or it will kill me. I’m now sure if I am ready for it yet but you can bet your hat that it will be finished before my time. And it would be awesome.

Favorite quotes:

  “Trust no one. The words echoed in her mind. Find the Forbidden Blood. Find me.” 

“Demons which breathed fire and others that drank blood; two-headed demons with many teeth and nails, demons who moved as fast as the wind and monsters so strong that they could break a city wall with just one blow…” a few gasps came from the crowd and Jaden could swear not all of them were from the children.”

“He had never seen her before, of that he was absolutely certain, for she was so exquisite that he could never forget a face like hers. Her long, wavy red hair spiraled around her shoulders like silk, absorbing the soft sunlight and giving the girl an enthralling glow.

“She wore a crown fit for a queen, yet she seemed so young, so innocent. Her bright blue eyes stared at him with warmth, in a dear, loving way. She reached out and placed her hand on top of his knee. Her touch was so real, so sweet, sending a jolt of exaltation through Jaden’s body. He almost found himself lost in his thoughts under her influence.”

“You disobeyed my orders, again,” he said trying to keep his voice calm and reasonable. She watched him patiently, her bright blue eyes threatening to make him do something he should not. With every passing day he was getting more and more lost in that blue flame, destroying every resistance in his mind. And she probably didn’t even realize it.

        “In my defense, I am terrible at following orders,” Isabelle replied with a hint of a smile. “My father can testify to that. Don’t take it personally.”

“People are dying out there,” Jaden finally said, frowning. “I haven’t stopped for a second trying to protect them. We had no…”

“People are dying here too,” she said with a grim voice. “Just this morning we’ve lost thirteen men, four women and two children. Wounded, underfed or heartbroken. This war you’re fighting it’s not only against the demons.”

“You were born to do this and the world needs you, the voice that was not his spoke in his”e Niabard is the key. Don’t lose the key.”

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