Somber Song

I left, I ran away, I started a new life that was normal, quiet, good. But my past eventually caught up with me – a past I didn’t even know I had.

  Amelia’s life in the city was not glamorous but she was content with it. It allowed her to go to work, to go to University, to have friends. To be normal.

   But four years was all she got before her brother sought her out and asked her to come home. Back to her family, back to her mate, back to their dying Alpha. She knew that going back even for a simple Goodbye would be a mistake. And still she went.

   Things spiral out of control and she is pulled back into a life of blood, death and constant violence – the same one she tried to escape. But there is no way out anymore.

   The White Wolf came back for her and he is going nowhere. And neither is she.

Working on Somber song

    If memory serves me right I had the most impressive writing strike with this book. The story came to me while watching Bitten and The Blacklist(don’t even ask) and I was kind of angry of all the decisions the producers made for the stories. It didn’t ring right in my head and and I couldn’t sleep without dreaming of other twists, other characters, other moments. Then I realized – wait a minute, am I a writer or am I a writer?

    So it was decided.

   I sat my butt down and I started writing. A chapter. Two. Five. Twelve. Seventeen. I wrote seventeen chapters in two days. Given, they were not very long and half were not very good but I did it. I had put the story that was begging to come out on paper. Well, at least part of it until I wrote myself into the corner where I still am. 

   I managed to think of few ideas, two half-endings and a plot-twist for the past few months but I am still waiting for the undeniable surge of inspiration so I can finish it. Either that or some free time to force myself to write it down under the penalty of death or something.

   This is a story about choices, about struggle and making hard decisions with dire consequences. I don’t usually write werewolf stories, nowadays most of them are unbearably cliche, but this one would not go away. So I hope you enjoy it and I hope it rings true in your head as well.

Favorite quotes:

“Whoa, is this what all bartenders wear?” He asked, turning to look at me. I grimaced as I looked down at the black dress he was referring to. “I suddenly feel like drinking.”

“I had no idea what kind of welcome to expect and I was dreading a happy one. Everything would be so much better if they hated me for leaving, if they glared and turned their heads aside and make me feel like a trespasser. It would be so much easier to leave.”

“You’re alive! Thank God! We thought you were kidnapped! Or dead! Or worse!”

“You’ve made it abundantly clear that you don’t want to stay. And I suspect your boyfriend would insist on you going back.”
“He is not my boyfriend,” I blurred out defensively receiving a short, bitter snort in return.
“That is what I saw last night,” Ethan retorted. “Or do you kiss all of your friends like that?”

“Ever since you came into this family, Amelia, I knew you were different. You were curious, open-minded and eager for adventure. I wasn’t surprised at all when you decided to leave us. I was surprised you didn’t do it earlier.”

“It’s all my fault,” Caleb said still pacing next to the table.
“Don’t flatter yourself. The world doesn’t revolve around you. It was my choice to go running,” I said instead. I could hear distant murmur coming from the house and Clarissa’s worried voice but I decided I didn’t want to know what they were saying.
“You’re right,” Caleb said, his voice ice-cold now. “It’s entirely your fault. What were you thinking?”

“I had almost killed a man in cold blood. I almost ripped his heart out to save this family, to save Caleb. And it felt so natural, so exalting to hold somebody else’s life in my hands that I loved it and I hated it at the same time.”

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