The Five Races[working title]

The Five Races Book Cover

The peace between the five races is hanging by a threat.

Every century in the past four hundred years the leaders of the races gather to renew The Accords, all in hope that the treaty would keep their enemies at bay. It is turn of the Demyns to host the gathering and ensure that all five leaders sign the pact. It would seem that the long years of restraint, idleness and subjections to the will of lesser beings have left some of the Demyns reluctant to let The Accords go as planned.

Facing an impossible choice, Kiara forsakes her life and her people after bearing witness to the treacherous acts of her own kin who set in motion a plan that would destroy The Accords and ignite a war between the races. Driven by her strong beliefs, she ventures into enemy’s territory under penalty of death to warn the leaders of the other races about the trap her siblings are preparing for them.

After finding herself in the odd company of an ill-tempered dwarf, an opinionated, wild female warrior and a Feamyn outcast who despites her guts, she is thrown into a new world where every living thing either hates her or fears her. Kiara has no other choice but to fight for the peace for she had given up all that she was the moment she left. Overwhelmed by wonders and the dangers of the new world she is by no means prepared to find her heart beating in rhythm with another soul, let alone the person who is tasked to put an end to the Demyns.

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