The Time Guardian: The Betrayer [Book 2]

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Working on The Time Guardian: The Betrayer

  Working on a Novel during NaNoWriMo is either really good or really bad for me. The idea of a deadline gets my blood racing but on the other hand, I quickly run out of things to write. So hopefully now that I have a plan prepared that won’t happen. And if I manage to get this book finished in a month, even if it needs a lot of editing, then that would be a new record.

   I always have a great time writing on these series since Raven never stops surprising me. I know it’s not good to not know what your characters will do next but she keeps it fresh and usually we’re o the same page for most things so working together is nice.

    I just go to introduce a new character, Thomas – you may remember him briefly mentioned in Book 1. He is quite.. something. I’m curious to see if you’ll like to hate him but I will say this – he plays a major role later on so pay attention to him. 

Favorite Quotes:

“You can’t go out!” I shouted as he was just about to open the door. His back tensed and he turned, looking at me over his shoulder.

“My kingdom is not enough you want my freedom too?”

“He must have sensed me – not sure if he could feel through the metal – and turned, his visor flashing. I had raised his gun by the time he turned and I blasted at his helmet sending him flying back. He was lucky the handgun was still on stun or he would have been been able to put a headless horseman of the apocalypse in his work resume.”

“It felt like my life was a series of painful awakenings that all made me wish I would die already. But as far as those painful awakenings went this one didn’t seem that terrible. That was until I realized I was lying on an operating table in nothing but underwear. My hands and feet were bound. Even my freaking head was bound. This was great, just great.”

“Can you speak?” One of them asked, the flashlight still blinding me.

“Fuck you, get this out of my face.” I snapped and the flashlight clicked off.

“I guess you can although your manners can use some work.”

“Did you see it?” I heard not-George say.

“Yeah.” George laughed. “Her body started to glow! What do you think it means?”

“No idea.”

“Do it again.”

“What in the name of Gia is this?”

“Bodies. Quite a few of them.” I said as my eyes examined the adjoining tables. There were at least a dozen of them, some very young some quite old. None decomposed though.

“I can see it’s bodies, Raven.” Arden said with annoyance, glancing at me before stepping closer to the one in front of him. “But what are they? They look fresh, like they have just died. But they are cold, touch it.” He nodded towards the body of the woman he was examining from an inch away.

“No, thank you.” I grimaced.

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