The Time Guardian: The Chosen [Book 1]

Raven is a thief, a scavenger and a low-level criminal.
She is also dead.
Or at least that is the only logical explanation she can come up with when she finds herself thrown in a world with two moons and an actual sun. Not to mention a ridiculous thousand-year-old prophecy that claims that a savior will emerge to fight the darkness and save the world.
Raven has no desires to be a hero or to fight anything that can actually kill her but how can a person who has nothing turn down the offer of endless riches, powers and oh, being the true ruler of the world?
The plan is simple. Get crowned. Kill the big bad darkness.
One small problem.
Not everybody is so eager to be saved.

Working on The Time Guardian: The Chosen

   The first book I wrote took me 3 years. The second one – 1 year. This one took less than 6 months to write so I am either getting better at this writing thing or my ideas are becoming more and more inspiring 😀 

   Anyway, this is my first story that started with an idea about a character rather than plot. Most of my stories are plot-driven. First thing that comes to me is the plot, the unexpected twist, the world even. The characters come later and are slowly molded to fit it. With this story all I had when I started was a single character and she shone so bright so I let her do whatever she wanted. She didn’t disappoint.

   If you know me or my writing then you know I am unhealthily sarcastic and I always say inappropriate things in most tense situations. It’s how I cope with stress and other emotions. I think that Raven is the embodiment of that side of me along with some cool powers and absolutely no filter. It was so fun writing from her head that I even enjoyed writing from 1st person POV. 

    The story started small and I had planned to keep it this way. One book for this, maybe two, max three. Now I have book 1 finished, book 2 in the works and book 3 being planned in the back of my mind. Not sure if I can wrap it up in three but the story grew so much, the details started falling into place and the twists became so delicious that I can’t wait for people to read it.

Favorite Quotes:

“I hurried to join the packed street ignoring the curious glances coming my way. Nothing to see here, just a regular person jumping off a building. Move along.”

“Men always want power and they don’t like it when it is taken from them.”

“I came to see The Chosen in flesh. Thousand of years of prophecies, I had to have a look.” He continued, laughing. “You’re smaller than I thought.” Before I thought it through I threw the knife at him. It should have hit him in the shoulder, he shouldn’t have had time to react. But he did. He literally took a single step aside and the blade missed him by a hair. The knife landed on the floor coming to a stop. He turned back to look at me, brows raised.

“You have some nerve, girl.” He said, his voice now more threatening than amused.

“You’re so stubborn if you stand next to a wall the wall will probably give up and crumble.” He said with a sigh.

“Thank you.”

“It wasn’t a compliment.”

“You lied to me.” I told Erin just as she was throwing my hand over her shoulder. “Again. You’re fired.”

“You need to be paying me in order to fire me.” She grunted as both of them helped me to the small group of people waiting for us.

“Thanks for the advice, kid. Now go to bed before you fall off the tower and leave me to explain to your brother how you’ve turned into a pancake.”

“What’s a pancake?” He asked, ignoring my threat. I didn’t even think he understood the threat part.

“It’s a… Nevermind. Just go to bed.”

“You’re weird.” He giggled, getting to his feet. “You say funny stuff.”

“Yeah, too bad nobody in this world gets it.” Apart from a nine-year-old. I had just realized I had the most honest conversation in my life with a child. Puts things in perspective, eh? “Good night, don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

“What?” Errek said, stopping by the door. I sighed inwardly.

“Nevermind. Go away, kid.”

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