After careful consideration I have decided I needed time away from writing. Don’t get me wrong, I feel the urge to write every day but I have realized that everything I am writing now is… shit. 

    Well, not fully, there may be a good idea here and there and a good description once in a while but I know, I know I can do so much better if I get a clear perspective. The two books I finished are not full disasters but I have been over them so many times that even if I want to make them better I don’t know how.  

   This is where this ‘timeout’ comes in place. You’ve all heard that if you put a book away (especially one you’ve written) away for a period of time (weeks, months, years) and you return back to it you can easily see mistakes, plot-holes, silly characters/relationships and forced scenes. It’s like reading somebody else’s book and we can all agree that it is much easier to criticize another person’s work than our own. That is what I plan to do for those that are finished. 

    Another reason I am doing this is because I got a lot of feedback from friends and complete strangers and even though I do understand their input I am struggling to figure out how to implement the advice and still stay true to my idea, to my writing voice, to my story. I found how 😀 and you’ll be surprised how obvious it was – reading. Reading books about writing, reading books in the genre I write, reading books in other genres which I know are very well-liked and popular; and finally, reading books which are totally different than mine. 

    I swear to you, for the past month or so I have read +5 books on both writing and fiction and I see things differently already. Reading about the things you do by instinct (or things you do wrong) gives you a valuable insight on how to use a particular technique or how to avoid one in your books to make them better. I’ve thought that writing is basically all about writing, about an idea that needs to be put on paper. No, that’s not true. The writing part is the easier part (you may laugh at this but it is true). So hopefully all of this will show in my writing once I get back to it.

   The final reason is that I feel kind of overwhelmed with my personal life, my job and my hobbies. I am not willing to give up on any of them, I love them, but I need to start prioritizing or I’ll go insane or die of heart condition due to my blood being replaced with a mix of coffee, wine and energy drinks. I am getting married in September and I honestly can say, organizing a wedding is as difficult as making a full plan of a book and writing it 😀 Thank god you only marry once (usually 😀 )

    So that being said I’m taking time off writing my books at least till September with the potential of extending it till the end of the year. I don’t plan on stopping writing on the blog and you can bet you’ll get reviews for every book from my ‘Reading Pledge‘ list I get to finish but that will be more in-between 🙂 Just recently I realized that I didn’t have anything to write in the blog since I was stuck but ever since I started reading I got more and more ideas. I have two articles already written and ready: “The Rule of TIME in Fiction’ and “The Role of SETTING in Fiction” which would soon follow this one. There will be plenty more to come, I hope 😀 

    I’ll try to publish a post every couple of weeks if I can so you don’t miss me that much 😀 Hopefully you’ll find them useful and interesting. I also accept suggestions about themes or questions you’re interested in so don’t be shy.

    See you later!

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